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Can I Build On a Slope?

Milled Log Home on Hillside

Log Home on a Hillside

When those of us with log or timber home aspirations begin looking for property, a site with a great view is the goal for most. This usually means a place on high ground, and often a sloped lot.

In short, building on a slope is usually possible and presents both advantages and limitations for your custom home design. Thoughtful planning and an experienced architectural designer will go a long way toward maximizing the potential of a sloped site.

The advantages of an incline site are many. In addition to providing the height that allows you to overlook your favorite lake, valley or mountain range, a sloped lot can offer the feeling of a remote location.  A slope also provides the perfect opportunity to build your log home or timber home on a walk-out basement, which helps maximize your square footage indoors and allows for multi-level outdoor living areas.

Potential drawbacks of a sloped site can be successfully overcome if considered early.  Accessibility may be a concern – if there isn’t already a road leading to your site, can one be safely and affordably constructed? Your sloped property may require more site prep and foundation work than a lot on level ground, which can add cost and time.

Whether you’ve already purchased a sloped site or are just considering one, review a topographical survey and walk the property with your architectural designer. Once you’ve considered the contingencies presented by a sloped site, you can just relax and enjoy the view.



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