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State of the 2013 Building Market

Now is the time when all of the excitement from the New Year begins to dissipate and we start to look again to the future. For many potential homeowners, this is also the time when they decide whether or not to move forward with their dreams of building a custom home. Upon reviewing the most [...]

No Better Time to Build Your Log Home

There is no better time to build. Over the past 18 months, log home enthusiasts are seeing an encouraging trend in the home building industry; builders are willing to compete for their business. As a result, building costs have never been lower than they are now. To capitalize on this trend and to better serve [...]

Why Would Anyone Build Now?

With uncertainty engulfing our economy, why would anyone build now? We are confronted daily with customers that are uneasy about moving forward with their building project in the middle of this current economic mess. Of course, each person or family has to evaluate their own financial situation and no one should build if they can’t [...]

Competitive Bidding will Yield the Best Results

Residential real estate has taken a serious blow in the last few years. New construction of single family homes is at its lowest point since the recession of 1991. It’s a buyers market and smart investors know this is the best opportunity to get great deals on new construction, especially new log homes and timber [...]