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Outdoor Living Ideas

The smell of pine trees, the babel of the brook and the breathtaking view of the valley are all common sensory emotions connected to the locations people dream of building their log and timber homes.  Since this exterior experience is so connected to these style of homes,  outdoor spaces will undoubtedly play an important role [...]

Progression of a Mountain Community Log Home

Retirement in Mind  An avid outdoorsman, Bob’s ideal vision for retirement included a rugged, mountain home built on a unique piece of property where he would have easy access to his two favorite hobbies; small game hunting and fishing. Keeping this image in mind, he traveled from California to Colorado in search of a quiet [...]

Designing For Front Elevation Views

What comes to mind first when you visualize your completed log or timber home? Whether it is a magnificent prow pointing out to capture the view of a distant peak or a rustic design that seems to grow up from the rugged landscape, the property and its views have a heavy influence on what that [...]

Industry Leader Shares Top 5 Favorite Plans

This week, we asked the editor of the Log Cabin Directory, Tom Heatherington, what his favorite PrecisionCraft floor plans were and why. Read below as he shares with us his top five choices. Tom Heatherington When I was asked to share my favorite PrecisionCraft floor plan concepts, I knew it would present a significant challenge. [...]