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Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2011

Another year has come and gone at PrecisionCraft and for the log homes blog that means another year of articles written to inform, excite and inspire you and your log home project. With weekly posts ranging in topics from building tips to floor plans, we have collected a list of this year’s most popular articles [...]

Purchasing Land

What considerations should you make when deciding where to buy your land? The Log Homes Council has a list of tips to help you find a deal on the property that’s right for you.  We’ve excerpted a few of them here, but be sure to see them all at Start Shopping Online Begin your [...]

Design Covenants and Restrictions

When beginning the design process most people are concentrating on how the final home will look and flow. That’s how it should be, however before you invest your time and energy into the design process it’s important to know if there will be any restrictions imposed on your design, due to your location. Restrictions often [...]

Building on Land with a Slope

When those of us with log or timber home aspirations begin looking for property, a site with a great view is the goal for most.  This usually means a place on high ground, and often, sloped ground. Whether your lot is atop a gently rolling hill or a steep mountainside, building on a slope presents [...]