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Choosing a Floor Plan

You know that you want to build a wood home. You know your preference of log or timber construction, and you know about how much space you need. You may even have started to sketch out where rooms might be placed, and what kind of specialty spaces you would like to add. But how do you go from basic ideas to finished floor plan layout and design?

PrecisionCraft Floor Plans PageLike shopping for anything, you don’t always know what you like until you see it.  That is why at PrecisionCraft and Mountain Architects, we take a specific approach to our floor plan gallery:  Show as many styles, sizes and product combinations of plans as we can, in order to provide our clients with a complete understanding of what is possible.

We expect all of our clients  to modify or customize their final timber or log home design in some way.  In many cases we will even create their floor plan concept from scratch.  However, a custom design has to start somewhere.

PrecisionCraft’s floor plan gallery was created to give people a place to start looking for design ideas.  As our central location for over 65 unique floor plan concepts, we are constantly looking for the best ways to present these plans to our users.  Recently, we completed a major redesign, making it easier to navigate.  You can now easily search by size, product type, architectural style and more.

Improved navigation makes it less complicated for you to see the kind of homes we can design. From each individual floor plan page, you can choose to view more homes which use a particular product combination, other homes designed in a similar style, or homes who’s square foot total is close to what you need.

In addition to better browsing ability, we have continued to integrate photos of finished homes, videos, design tips, and specific examples of how previous clients have modified certain plans.  We believe that the better we are at illustrating our designs, the more confidence you will have in our ability to provide you with the perfect home.

So browse our plans and find the architectural details and layout ideas that you like best.   As you enter the design phase of your project, you and your Mountain Architects designer will bring everything together into a final floor plan that is perfect for you, your location and your budget.

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