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How Do I Choose a Floor Plan?

At PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design, we expect all of our clients to modify or customize their final timber or log home design in some way. In many cases, we will even create their floor plan from scratch.  However, a custom design has to start somewhere.

Our floor plan gallery was created to show many styles, sizes, and material combinations of plans in order to provide our clients with a complete understanding of what is possible. So, browse our plans and find the architectural details and layout ideas that you like best.

PrecisionCraft Floor Plans Page

As you enter the design phase of your project, you and your architectural designer will bring everything together into a final floor plan that is perfect for you, your location and your budget.

To help you collect ideas, we have organized our plan gallery into several categories:

Search our floor plans by square footage.  While you may have a certain size home in mind, don’t limit yourself to design concepts in that range.  Look at smaller and larger plans too, they can be easily modified to meet your space needs.

Architectural Style
If you prefer a certain architectural look you can also search our floor plans by classic and popular wood homes styles.  Take a look at a few styles.  You may not like characteristic of a western or French country home, but there may be an architectural feature from one style you would like to incorporate into your design.

Have you decided if your home will be constructed out of logs or a timber frame? Have you considered using a hybrid mix of wood materials?  Explore our design concepts by the wood products they were created with.  Keep in mind, however, that our floor plans can be designed to your material preference if you find a floor plan you love.

From each individual floor plan, you can choose to view more homes which use a particular product combination, other homes designed in a similar style, or home who’s square foot total is close to what you are looking for.

We continue to integrate photos of finished homes, videos, design tips, and specific examples of how previous clients have modified certain plans. Check back often for new inspiration. We believe that the better we are at illustrating our designs, the more confidence you will have in our ability to provide you with the perfect home.