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Product Collaboration – Windsor Windows

Having an efficient and tight shell for their wood home was an important request for Steve and Patty of Northwest Washington. Their particular design included timber framing and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), which were key in creating their shell, but they knew that if their home’s windows were not designed to fit to precision, or were poorly crafted and installed, the integrity of this shell could be compromised. At  PrecisionCraft, we understand the importance of quality materials, that is why we partner with Windsor Windows, utilizing their quality, handcrafted window lines to outfit our homes. Today we spoke with Cathy Leonard, the Marketing Manager at Windsor, about their experience working with these PrecisionCraft clients to help complete their stunning home.

Tell us a little about the project

Cathy: This couple was a very unique and engaged client for Windsor. When our company began working with them, Steve had just retired from his career as a Life Flight helicopter pilot in Texas and the couple had completed their design process with PrecisionCraft—creating their dream home in the Pacific Northwest. These people are hardworking and practical; they were building their dream home but they needed to be mindful of their budget.

 How did the couple hear about Windsor Windows?

Cathy: Having a longstanding relationship with PrecisionCraft, the couple’s Project Manager recommended they look at Windsor’s Pinnacle Clad windows for the high quality the homeowners desired but also the great value the windows would provide.

What made them choose to use Windsor?

Cathy: Steve and Patty compared the various window products in PrecisionCraft’s showroom and decided that Windsor’s Pinnacle Clad product was the perfect solution to meet their needs. They appreciated the beefy appearance, structural stability, and energy performance that the Windsor products offered. In addition, the window’s alder wood interiors and black hardware provided them with the décor they were striving to achieve.

Were there any unique circumstances?

Cathy: The windows for this project had a special set of needs because the arched windows had to fit precisely with the home’s SIP envelope. Since the main floor and basement were framed in a more conventional manner and the top floor was a SIP enclosure, the openings were of different dimensions. Therefore, the jamb widths for the various windows had to be custom entered for each opening.

How did the couple feel about their Windsor Windows?

Cathy: The couple was extremely pleased with the end result. Once their builder, the Johnson Brothers, had installed the windows, Patty exclaimed, “Nice touch on the Windsor Windows. They are absolutely gorgeous.”


We’d like to thank Cathy and Windsor Windows for the time and collaboration they put into this week’s blog post as well as Steve and Patty’s dream home. You can learn more about Windsor and its product lines, here: