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Designing For Front Elevation Views

First Example

Example 1

What comes to mind first when you visualize your completed log or timber home? Whether it is a magnificent prow pointing out to capture the view of a distant peak or a rustic design that seems to grow up from the rugged landscape, the property and its views have a heavy influence on what that completed home will look like. Acknowledging the importance of view corridors is key when creating a design and layout, but what if your property’s front elevation is where the best views are? Today we discuss how a design can be adapted no matter where your primary view corridors may lie.

Designing Based on Accessibility

If you browse through our floor plan concepts, you will notice that many of them feature the main view wall with magnificent picture windows on the rear elevation.  However, it is not uncommon for our in-house design firm, M.T.N Design, to modify or design from scratch to accommodate the variety of lot configurations we face.  This home, for example, is located on a piece of land that backs right up to a hillside. It is a great site with plenty of breathtaking views of the valleys below, but because of its location, the road access was limited to the front.  So, by working with their designer, this couple decided to have their road lead towards their garage instead of a traditional entry. By doing this, they were able to adapt their design to accommodate the mountain’s views while still providing an attractive entrance that would give their guests that ‘wow’ factor when approaching the home.

2nd example

Example 2

Designing to a Slope

In this second example, the family found their dream location on their favorite ski hill in Park City, Utah. Wanting to be able to look down the hill as well as ski directly out of the home to the chair lifts below, the couple and their designer decided to create a front elevation that had many of the characteristics they loved from the Crested Butte’s rear elevations.  The result is a completely custom home design with an inviting entry that is paired with a front-facing view wall as well as a rear-facing one that meets their lifestyle needs and wants.


If you are concerned that your property configuration and design wants may not pair at first, do not worry, your M.T.N designer can work with you to find the perfect combination to complete your mountain-style home.