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What is a Turnkey Budget?

Most of our clients dream for years about building the log home or timber frame home of their dreams. Whether as a refuge for their family, a place to get back to nature, a custom designed log & timber home is a reward for a lifetime of accomplishment. But like everything else in life, cost is an inevitable consideration — the best way to avoid surprise and disappointment over the cost of your log & timber home is to establish a realistic turnkey budget at the outset of the conceptual design process.

Our experience in designing and producing over 2,000 log & timber homes has taught us that the critical first step in the design process is to calculate an estimated turnkey budget. Your turnkey budget is based on a number of factors: square footage of the home, complexity of the home, level of finishes in the home and geographical location being the most important factors influencing cost. The impact of square footage in the home is fairly straightforward — the bigger the house, the more building material that goes into the house. The complexity of a home’s design is probably the least understood factor impacting cost — the more corners, roof ridge lines and roof valleys, the higher the cost. On the other hand, a simple rectangular design with one roof ridge line is simpler, and therefore less expensive, to build. The level of finishes that you choose also has a dramatic impact on overall cost — granite counter tops, jacuzzi tubs, wide plank flooring, etc. are beautiful amenities, but are more expensive than Formica counters, fiberglass tubs and carpet.

Lastly, the location of your land is a huge factor in turnkey costs — labor and some materials (though not the log & timber package that PrecisionCraft furnishes) are more expensive in Lake Tahoe or Aspen than in other, non-resort areas. Mountain Architects, Inc. — our architectural design firm excels at designing beautiful homes within your budget. The last important fact to remember when designing your custom home is that, in addition to being the realization of a long-held dream, chances are good that it will also be a great investment for you and your family.

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