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From Floor Plans to Complete Custom Designs: Your One-of-a-Kind Home

During the first stages of building a log home or timber frame home, many think they have to start with a floor plan that already meets their every need. With hundreds of plans available, the task seems simple enough, right? Unfortunately, very few existing floor plans can meet every expectation – in layout, size and style. Most all plans will, in fact, need some level of customization. But, what does it mean to truly customize a home and what degree of customization is right for you?

Minor Customization
Some prospective home builders will find a floor plan that stands out among all others. With just a few changes, this floor plan could become exactly how they envision their log or timber home. Timber frame or log home companies who have in-house drafters can make these modifications with little or no additional work. However, some “kit” log home companies, who simply sell you a package of logs, are more limited in the types and number of modifications that can be made.

Making More Distinct Adjustments
What if your changes are a little more extensive than just expanding a room or mirroring the layout? What if you find a layout that is close, but you prefer a different look or product type?  What if you like the look of a design, but need a layout that better matches your requirements? This is when you need more than a group of in-house drafters. As a recognized leader in the log and timber frame industry, PrecisionCraft offers complete architectural services with our award-winning design firm, Mountain Architects. Going beyond the simple shifting of rooms within a set footprint, Mountain Architects will work with you directly to truly customize any plan.  We will ensure that your plan will fit your dream home vision, no matter the number or types of modifications required. Here are a few ways that PrecisionCraft and Mountain Architects can customize a plan to meet your needs:

  • Changing a plan’s footprint and layout
  • Increasing or decreasing the size of a floor plan
  • Adjusting the plan to fit your property’s unique attributes
  • Using log, timber, stone and glass materials of your preference

Learn more about Customizing a Log Home Plan.

An Original Concept
But what if you don’t start with a specific plan?  What if you have a collection of pictures, floor plans and hand sketches that, together, define your perfect mountain retreat? One picture shows an expansive window that you just have to have, another highlights rustic handcrafted logs, and yet another boasts a beautiful stone turret that you would like to integrate into your own home’s design. The home you envision is truly unique…a one-of-a-kind never before designed or built. What’s the best way to translate your vision into a signature log or timber frame home?

With more than 20 years of design experience, Mountain Architects will make your vision a reality. Engaging you from the very start, your design team will work to meet your expectations and more!

Choosing the Best Designer for Your Needs
Remember, as you search for the right look and layout for your home you should also make sure to find the right designer.  Make sure that you have the ability to customize a plan the way that you want and need to. Also keep in mind that designing mountain style homes (specifically log homes and timber homes) requires a different technical perspective than designing traditional stick frame homes. Your design should meet your needs, but also be easily translated into a proven building system.  This saves time, money and ensures that your finished home matches the original design concept.

So, in your search, look for an architect with a specialization in residential mountain architecture; someone with an in-depth understanding of the properties and behaviors of log & timber. This understanding is not only developed through years of education but also requires years of direct experience.

View our Custom Floor Plans to start your search for inspiration!