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The Many Possibilities of a Garage Design

From your first rough sketch to the final drawings of your log home,  the time and planning that brought you to the point of construction could take anywhere from months to years. With that much attention to detail going into every nook and cranny of your future dream home, you want to make sure that all facets of your project will work and fit into your lifestyle, including your garage. In an earlier article, “Including a Garage?” we addressed garage location in correlation to the home; today we will go over the planning of your garage design.

Accessibility angled garage

When you choose to build a traditional attached garage, your choices are not as limited as choosing which side to place your garage on—the left or the right. There are several options for its location and purpose to think about. For one of our clients, their dream was to build a log getaway on a sloped lot. Knowing that the accessibility of their home and garage would become more unique with their location, this couple chose to build a second garage on the rear basement plane of their house as well as their main level. This allowed them the option to park their vehicles lower on their angled lot and give the home different and dynamic dimensions in contrast to traditional building.


The beauty of architectural customization is the creativity you can apply to all areas of your home. Perhaps you have selected a floor plan that perfectly matches your needs and wants but the integral garage is not on that list. There are several ways to keep your garage connected with the home without making it a part of it. A Breezeway or covered path is an excellent way to keep that connection to the home while remaining separate. Angling your garage design in correlation to the house can also give length and depth to the layout while ensuring a more detached look and feel.

CDA Lodge planAdditional Features

Whether you are building a second home or this will become your primary residence, there are vehicle storage features you can include to your property that will make it more functional with your personal needs. Perhaps you are designing a summer home that will be used for weekend getaways, a car port may be a nice alternative to a garage that will have the same benefits but will be easier on your budget. For those with larger families or a constant flow of guests, a motor court will not only help with the incoming and outgoing traffic, but it can also add a nice landscaped feature to your property.

Size and Number

If you are a multi-vehicle family, you will want to make accommodating plans before your home’s design is complete. Whether your choice is to build a 2 or 3-car garage or perhaps two 2-car garages, make sure you leave room in your designs to do so. Perhaps you are a family with a boat or trailer, a high bay garage is another method of vehicle protection. However, the additional height may affect the look of your home’s exterior, so that could be something else to consider with your architect.

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