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Glossary Terms

We in the log and timber home industry sometimes forget that terminology we use on a daily basis may be new to those who are just starting to investigate their dream of owning a mountain style home – or even those who have been looking around for years.  This week we take a second to define some of the more common vocabulary terms you might see as you gather information.

Log or Timber Trusses

A truss can be either a functional brace to hold up part of your structure, or a decorative element which brings character to your log homes. In most cases, it is both. Truss styles include: Arched King Post, Scissor, Arched Queen Post, Hammer Beam, Barrel Truss and a Standard King Post.  Learn more about Trusses.


Turnkey cost refers to the total cost to build your log home or timber home, not including land or site improvements.  The term turnkey originated with the idea of the homeowner “turning the key” in the front door and walking into their completed home. Turnkey can also refer to building, if a builder provides turnkey construction, they construction the entire home.

Learn more about Cost Feasibility.

Log Profiles

Log profile refers to the shape of the individual log. Common shapes include: round, square, rectangular and D-log.

“Free of Heart Center” or “Heart Center” Wood

The center of a tree is considered the “Heart.”  This heart is filled with nutrients and has a tendency to twist as the wood dries. Twisting depends on the specie of wood.   See the cross section


To provide a texture to a square, smooth, milled log the manufacturer either uses an hatchet or sander to mark squares in the log to add character.


Hybrids can be combinations of two product lines, styles, building types and more.  The important thing to remember is to find out how each company is defining hybrid.  Read an article addressing the term Hybrid.

Are there any terms that you would like us to define?  Please comment below:


  1. Don Uribe says:

    Can you sell just a basic shell so that I could do my own interior? Telluride is the model we like.
    Thank You
    Don Uribe

  2. Marketing says:

    Hi Don,
    We’d be happy to assist you! Where are you located and do you know where you would like to build? If you can give us that information, we will gladly connect you with the right representative to answer your questions!

    Marketing Specialist