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Great Room Windows

When you close your eyes and picture your ideal mountain-style home, what do you see? For most of us, it is the emphasis on natural wood surrounding us in every room, the open spaces of the home’s layout and most importantly, a great room window that’s sheer size and view makes it the focal point of the room—bringing the calm of the indoors and the untouched beauty of the outdoors together. With great room windows playing such a critical in your home, you will want to pick the style and configuration that provide the best outcome for your location.

Window Wall


The great room is typically the largest room in the home, it is a place where family and friends gather and spend the most time together, so you’ll want to make your land view a focus in this room as well.  The ratio of window to wall space in your great room is an important factor in creating your window design. Your window shapes and sizes are to be considered during the design process as well. Whether your window is trapezoidal, square or curved, there are ways to be creative with your living space based on your floor plan, budget and the view you want to capture. For some, the best design for their home could include a configuration of log or timber in the window, whether that is through cross-bracing with logs or timber framing. While others might have different ways they wish to see the sights—doors leading to a patio or sunroom where they are closer to nature could be a better fit for their great room window design.


Although we may initially see windows as simply a view to the outside world, this great room feature does not have to be stationary in your living space. Perhaps you want to access your property or deck through this space; including doors with windows will allow you to do this without limiting your view. You could even consider a wall that completely folds out of the way, offering a seamless connection between your outdoor and indoor living spaces.

Window Wall Exterior


Obviously your log or timber home will have windows, they allow light and air to filter through as well as protect you from nature’s unpredictable elements. However, if your home is built in the New Mexico sun with an 80% window wall, the comfort level could be glaring and overheated. Working with your architect to choose your window wall’s orientation, type and size can regulate the amount of air and light that flows in. You can also retain your phenomenal view from your great room through the inclusion of deep eaves and angled orientations that are tailored to your specific site.  With these factors in mind, your home will remain a place of comfort for you at all times.


For more examples of vastly different and unique window designs, view our great room photo gallery:

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