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Heating Log Homes

The most efficient way of heating your log home, is radiant floor heat. First invented by the Romans over 2,000 years ago, radiant floor heating technology is simplicity itself: by bringing the floor of your home up to a mildly warm temperature you experience silent, even, and comfortable warmth. Radiant heating has, in fact, become the heating system of choice for anyone desiring the most comfortable, efficient and smart heating solution for their log home because it is particularly suited for the type of construction that most log homes incorporate: large vaulted ceilings, open beams, hardwood floors, and large windows.

Once you decide on radiant floor heating for your log home, the question then becomes what type of radiant heating system you will choose. The radiant floor industry is divided into two segments: floor warming – which is usually done electrically in limited areas such as bathrooms and typically requires a supplemental heating system – and floor heating – which is done throughout the entire home and is usually accomplished with hot water recirculated through tubing hidden in a conductive panel under your finished floors. When building a log home, extremely cold seasonal climates must be considered and so the whole home, floor heating solution makes the most sense.

Radiant Floors - Warmboard, Log Homes

Radiant Heat Subfloors Add Luxurious Comfort to Any Log Home

At PrecisionCraft Log Homes & Timber Frame, along with many other fine homebuilders, the radiant heat brand of choice is Warmboard, the only radiant flooring system which is also a structural subfloor. A Warmboard radiant floor system is an optimum fit for log homes: Warmboard has industry-leading high heat output due to the radiant panel’s high conductivity, a low construction profile and compatibility with virtually any flooring type [hardwood, tile, carpet and even laminate]. Also worth noting is that Warmboard works with relatively lower water temperatures than other radiant heat systems and so it easily interfaces with alternative fuel sources like solar and geothermal.

Warmboard’s low mass is extraordinarily well suited for any home that needs to be brought up to heat quickly, especially vacation homes that are unoccupied for lengths of time. Ultimately, the extreme efficiency and smart technology of Warmboard will lower your long term energy costs and maximize your log home’s comfort level.

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