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Incorporating Natural Lighting

When you envision the interior of your log or timber home, how does the light flow through?  An important aspect of your home’s design is the lighting, both natural and artificial.  The source for natural lighting can vary from conventional-sized windows to dormers and skylights. Here are some lighting sources your architect can utilize to flush your space with warm inviting light, no matter what the style.

Clerestory windows are windows above the eye-level that are great for allowing more light into a space without being too distracting or compromising privacy. They are typically used in homes that have a clean, straightforward look without multiple roofs and multiple floor levels.

Clerestory Windows

Dormers and Gables
Dormers and Gables are similar window styles that are also great additions to a floor plan that increase the intake of light as well as add dimension to the design. Dormer and Gable windows are very similar in that they both protrude out from the plane of the roof, there difference being that a dormer window is flat on top and a gable peaks. Chalet and Adirondack style homes typically feature these styles due to their use of multiple, low pitched roofs.
Dormer Windows

Window Walls
A very common window design for mountain style homes is to quite literally create a wall of windows. Typically seen in the great room, these walls can have several smaller windows covering the wall or larger windows covering its length. This style of window design not only allows a substantial amount of natural light in, but it also provides a panoramic view.
Wall of Windows

Skylights and Light Tubes
Skylights are a very traditional way to allow light in rooms centered in the home that would otherwise have no natural light. There are a wide variety of skylights available today, like those which are weather-sensitive so that they open and close, allowing ventilation as well as light. Light Tubes have light reflectors on the roof catching the sun’s rays at all hours of the day and tunneling it through to the room on the other side. This design is very energy efficient and popular in bathroom and kitchen areas.
Window Skylights

Speak with your architect about how to incorporate natural lighting into your log or timber home design.