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Inspiring Mountain Home Videos

Inspiration for you mountain style home comes from a variety of sources.  You search for images both online and in magazines.  At the same time you gather floor plan ideas and lots of technical information about building systems and services.  As you gather ideas don’t forget the power of video.  Moving images can help you better understand processes as well as inspire your own timber or log home design.

Manufacturing Videos

Most owners of conventional homes, don’t feel  the need to visit the 2×6 mill or the drywall plant, prior to building their home. There is something different about a log or timber home however.  The intricate craftsmanship and unique manufacturing techniques are intriguing. It is not always feasible, however, to visit the manufacturing plant for the company who will produce your log or timber. This is where video can be a great service.  PrecisionCraft currently has four videos which show how we create homes with milled logs, timber framing and handcrafted logs.  These videos can explain and inspire at the same time.

Building Process Videos

How will your home develop from drawing or sketch into a finished home?  A slideshow or video presentation can take your through the process step by step. Watching other homes come to life can help you better understand how your own home design and build journey will unfold.

“Get to Know You” Videos

Being inspired by finished homes, or the building process is important, but another opportunity video can provide is a way to better understand the company you might be working with.  What do they find important enough to highlight with a video?  Did you learn anything new about what the company offers, by watching the video?  Do you feel more comfortable choosing to work with them, based on what you have seen?

Multimedia, such as video, can be a valuable source for information and inspiration.  Don’t forget to view all of PrecisionCraft’s online video presentations.