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Kitchen Design Checklist

Today, kitchen space is a primary concern when building a new home; kitchens are more than just a prep area for a meal, they are a gathering place for family and friends for dining and social occasions. With that in mind, there are several components in your kitchen to think about as you and your designer layout the space. Here are a few questions that will help to guide your planning so that your kitchen space is a functional part of your custom log home as well as a reflection of your personality.

How Do You Want to Display Things?

The cabinetry in your kitchen can be designed to display as well as to conceal. For those super organizers out there, open shelving is a great option that works in both contemporary and country style homes. Open shelving is also great for displaying china or other items with sentimental value. For those wanting to conceal the clutter in their kitchen, closed cabinets is a great traditional way to do so. The combination of open and closed shelving is another option that will add a completely different feel to the space.

Do You Need Additional Sinks or Counter Space?

If you are like many and you never seem to have an empty sink when it comes time to make a meal, you might consider adding an island with a vegetable sink; this will open up more counter space as well as give you an extra sink for cooking. If you have a household that entertains often, consider adding a bar sink fixture to an island instead.

How Do You Want Your Kitchen to Interact with the Main Living Space?

For those in the stages of building their log or timber home, considering the flow of your main living space is crucial. If you would prefer your kitchen remained separate from the great room, dining room, entry, ect, then a closed layout would work best for your home. If you want your kitchen to flow with the rest of the space, keeping the room open would be the best solution. Speak with your architects on how best to layout your open or closed kitchen.

Do You Have Enough Light to Function in Your Kitchen?

When designing your kitchen, consider the window placement in the room as well as what section of the house you build it on. If you prefer natural light, make sure your kitchen is positioned where it will receive the maximum amount of light. Including a skylight would also help to brighten up the space and keep it functional.

What is Your Task versus Accent Lighting Ratio?

While accent lighting is a great way to highlight architectural features and artistic décor throughout your home, in the kitchen area the task to accent lighting ratio should be kept at 80% for task lighting and 20% for accent lighting to ensure that your kitchen remains truly functional.

Have You Thought About Countertop Materials?

Between granite, look-a-likes and other materials, there are many options for your countertops. Take time to consider how much time and money you want to invest in the product and its cleaning and maintenance. Speaking with a professional interior designer will help you to weigh the pros and cons of each to find a material that is best suited for your log home’s kitchen.

These are just a few questions we think are necessary to ask yourself when designing your kitchen. For more information and tips for designing, please visit the National Kitchen and Bath Association website: