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LEED Rated Log Home Awarded Platinum Certification

Green Log Homes, LEED Certified
LEED Certified Log Home, Custom Design – Government Camp, OR

For Mark and Crystal Ryan, building their dream mountain house was synonymous with building what is commonly referred to as a “green” home. This Oregon couple turned to award-winning Mountain Architects and PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes to help them design and manufacture a LEED certified log home. LEED, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a comprehensive framework for the integrated design approach key to high-performance building.

This platinum LEED certified, 3,600 square foot custom log and timber frame home is beautiful, healthy, and good for the environment. To top it all off, the highly efficient home saves the Ryan family a great deal of money.

With state-of-the-art milling processes, tight fitting connections and a unique building system, PrecisionCraft’s milled, mountain style homes are a natural fit for LEED for Homes certification. Their top of the line milling processes combined with the industry’s most refined green design techniques support an energy efficient, environmentally friendly structure. “This is truly exciting for the log and timber home industry,” says Jim Young, 2009 Log Homes Council president and president of PrecisionCraft Log Homes & Timber Frame. “This milled log and timber frame home will be the first of its kind to receive LEED Platinum Certification.”

Some of the most important details of green construction are rarely seen. Using LEED as a guide from the onset enabled the Mountain Architects design team, PrecisionCraft Log Homes, Gomes Construction and the Owners, to develop environmental and performance goals while providing a beautiful and functional mountain getaway.

The build site for the Ryan’s LEED rated home was protected from erosion during construction with straw bales, silt fences and protected zones. Hardscaping features and swales were designed to prevent any future erosion. The lot has a minimal amount of impervious surfaces to reduce water runoff. In addition, the surrounding property was naturalized, planted with 100% native species, reducing irrigation water demand by 85%.

To create a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, windows were strategically placed to fill the home with natural light. Low-E, argon-filled windows were installed throughout the house and windows on the south side allow sunlight to enter the space in winter, storing radiant heat in the thick tile floor. Extra large roof overhangs were uniquely designed to let in the sun during the winter months and keep out the high summer sun.

Additional energy saving features include compact fluorescent bulbs and fixtures, high efficiency appliances, and a 96% efficient propane boiler that provides energy for the radiant heated home. A zoned heating system allows the Ryan’s to maintain a comfortable temperature in rooms where they spend their time but avoid wasting heating energy in empty parts of the house. Low flow shower heads and faucets and dual flush toilets significantly reduce the demand for water.

The home meets the ENERGY STAR Indoor Air Package standards, that includes an Energy Recovery Ventilation system providing cleaner, healthier air and protection against airborne pollutants (even the garage has an automatic exhaust system).

The super tight envelope created from PrecisionCraft’s cedar logs is supported with structural insulated roof panels by Precision Panel. The SIPs construction gives the roofing an R value of 52 making it several times more energy efficient than conventional construction.

The building team sorted construction waste products at every stage of building for recycling and reuse. Because of the highly efficient manufacturing methods of PrecisionCraft Log Homes, the project produced 78% less waste than the typical construction of a conventional home. A large percentage of the construction and building materials have high recycled content, and were locally harvested, milled, or manufactured to reduce shipping costs and fuel use and to support local businesses.

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