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Log Post and Beam Homes

Post and Beam in Georgia

The appeal of large, handcrafted logs and a rustic design has always been a popular desire for log home enthusiasts. However, many potential log home buyers do not necessarily want the full log walls associated with handcrafted and milled designs. The understated allure of the Post and Beam style can be a great alternative to consider to full log wall homes.

What is Log Post and Beam?

Compared to traditional log homes, the Post and Beam style is comprised of vertical posts that support the beams and truss accents throughout a home’s interior. This style creates a structural and aesthetic alternative to utilizing complete log walls. While retaining their own unique look, post and beam designs created at PrecisionCraft still feature elements like the exposed cross beams, handcrafted posts, and mixture of materials that create the mountain-style look prevalent in many complete handcrafted or milled log home designs.

Why are Post and Beam Designs Appealing?

When couples are looking into building a log home, many of them do not know there are alternative options to building with full log walls. The Post and Beam style provides structure, but also offers clients the rustic, mountain-style charm they’ve sought after in a log home design, without the effect of complete wood throughout.Post and Beam Truckee

Other Benefits of Log Post and Beam Homes

Along with offering a unique design alternative, post and beam log homes create faster build times and can reduce building costs as compared to a traditional handcrafted log home. Utilizing log posts and beams for structural or decorative accents, also opens up the option of mixing other building styles in alongside the logs. For instance, many of our clients will include a complete log wall or two as accents in their post and beam design.


For more visual examples of Post and Beam style designs, visit PrecisionCraft’s Post and Beam Homes page and browse through our Post and Beam design concepts.