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Manufacturing Your Dream

For many people, there is a lot of excitement placed around their log home’s design and again when that design takes shape during the construction phase. Often times, people overlook the process which takes place in the middle, the actual manufacturing of the log and timber materials. We’ve spoken with our facility’s Operations Manager, Boyd, to give you a better understanding of how the manufacturing process works and to offer a glimpse at what projects are currently underway.

Milled Logs

The Process of Milled Log Manufacturing

The Set Up

At our Idaho and Michigan facilities, we utilize state-of-the-art machinery and processes to produce the handcrafted, milled log, and timber frame materials for your home. The manufacturing and machinery used for milled logs and timber frame materials are found within a shop, while handcrafted projects are manufactured in the yard. “At any given time between our two plants in Idaho and Michigan, we can have as many as 5 projects going on at once.” Boyd explained.

 Milled Log and Timber Frame Manufacturing

In our Idaho shop, we have 3 lines of production; one for timber framing, and two for milled logs. For both styles, each line has a series of CNC machines that cut the log or timber to exact specifications, sand it, and prep it for assembly. Once they are finished, milled logs are placed in bunks while timber frame members like trusses, bents, lines, and braces are sent to the fitting station to ensure the pieces all connect together properly.

 Handcrafted Manufacturing

Handcrafted Logs

Process of Handcrafted Log Manufacturing

A handcrafted project begins with the careful selection of raw logs. From there, each log is hand peeled and prepared for the home, while in tandem, other members of the crew set up a “plate lay out” to simulate the home’s foundation. Then the individual logs are cut, fit, and assembled within each course of the wall system. When the crew assembles a handcrafted project, they are not only checking to make sure that connections come together properly, but they are also drilling for future electrical layouts and they are fitting in our patented Houseal™ Non-Settling System. After this is complete, the crew disassembles the structure and places it on trucks for shipment in reverse order so that the home can be reassembled by the same crew, on site.

What We’re Working On

We currently have some exceptional projects going on in both the shop and yard. SIPS from our Delta plant were just delivered so the crew could accurately size and fit an arched glue-lam timber frame project in the shop. In the yard, a combination milled and handcrafted log home project has just been disassembled to make way for the production of a larger, handcrafted post and beam structure. “It’s an exciting and busy time, we have four projects going on in the shop and the yard here in Idaho, and another new project is set to begin at the first of the year in Michigan.” Boyd said.


To learn more about our manufacturing process, take a look at our milled log and handcrafted videos.

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