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Milled Versus Handcrafted

When you picture a log home, chances are your image is different from others. After all, there are different kinds of log home building techniques, specifically:  milled or handcrafted. Today we will discuss the different aspects of our milled log homes and our handcrafted homes that can help you determine which style is right for you.

Handcrafted Floor Plan

Look and Feel 

The beauty and artisan design seen in handcrafted log homes is what many of our clients have fallen in love with. Each log is tapered, hand-peeled, and set into place. If you are someone searching for a rustic home style with large, authentic looking logs, than handcrafted may be the right style for you.

While some may be drawn to the handcrafted look, others might prefer the more modern, uniform appeal of the milled log. Milled logs give owners the opportunity for different profiles like; square, round, rectangular and “D,” which can provide a distinct look for your home. If you want the more modern milled log but would like a rustic texture as well, adzing or draw knifing can be added later.

Timeline Effects

If timeline is an important factor in deciding what style to choose for your project, you may want to consider using milled logs. With all of the detailed work that goes into producing a handcrafted home, the production of your home’s materials could take several months instead of the several weeks it takes to produce milled logs.

Milled Logs

Milled Log Floor Plan

Cost Comparison

Cost may have a significant effect on which log style you choose. Handcrafted logs are hand peeled, cut and intricately placed, while milled logs are machine cut on the line. When you consider the time and effort that goes into the creation of a handcrafted home, it is easy to understand that costs will be higher.


When it is all said and done, making a decision on what type of log home would be best for you and your family is determined by your taste, budget, and timeline.

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