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Modern Wood Homes

Log and Timber Hybrid Home

Wood home with square log walls and timber frame accents

What is a wood home? Most would define a wood home as being made from logs or timbers and traditionally this has been the case.   Today, with engineering updates, changing tastes and new architectural ideas, the modern wood home can be so much more.

The Feel of a Wood Home

Much of the appeal of a wood home is the warmth that emanates from the log and timbers themselves.  Elements such as rafters and 2nd floor joists are left exposed because the logs provide a desired natural and textural atmosphere.  It is no wonder that people choose wood homes for vacation and 2nd properties.  When you want to feel at ease, there is no better environment.

Craftsman style log and timber home

Log and timber hybrid home in the Craftsman Style

The Construction of Wood Homes

Log homes were once all constructed by hatchet and hand.  Modern-day chainsaws, lathes and computer operated mills allow for more diverse and intricate log home designs.  Square log walls, for instance, have become a popular variation to the traditional log home design.  In addition to milling abilities, engineering advances  have allowed builders to create multi-story log homes.  Timber homes too have moved from hand carved connections into computer driven design.   Today manufacturers have the technology to craft amazing log and timber structures.

Modern Handcrafted Log Home

A modern looking handcrafted log home

What a Wood Home Looks Like

As architectural tastes have changed over the years, so has the look of a wood home.  The desire for these types of homes has grown, and at the same time, the range of styles has become even more diverse.  The modern wood home could be entirely handcrafted log walls and trusses.  It could also be hybrid timber frame with handcrafted accents.  Mixing square timbers, logs and round posts and beams has become a growing trend in wood home design.

“The majority of our designs combine log and timber elements within the home,” says lead architect Matt Franklin.  “By using a variety of log, timber, stone, siding materials and glass, we can create unique homes to match anyone’s personal style.”


PrecisionCraft wood homes have been built as cottages, cabins, retreats, primary residences, ski chalets, and modern Usonian dwellings.  With a broad palette and endless imagination, the wood home of today has no boundaries.