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Mountain Fireplaces

Today’s article is written by guest blogger, Ironhaus.

Ironhaus fireplace

Ironhaus Fireplace

The fireplace has long been a central fixture of comfort and warmth of the home: the central place that families often gather around. In earlier years the fireplace was predominately a heat source. Nowadays, fireplaces come in a multitude of styles and purposes, ranging from supplemental heaters to aesthetic forms of inspiration. Although heat efficiency is still important, now more than ever, considerations such as “green value” , design cohesion, and artistic individuality are driving how discerning home owners make fireplace choices. This is especially true for today’s mountain home and log home applications.

A common theme to the design of a mountain home tends to center around the hearth. A great room with a large wood burning fireplace overlooking a beautiful natural setting, a fireplace outside doing the same, and gas fireplaces in rooms like the master bedroom capture the essence of connecting with nature, which is what the mountain home strives to do for its owners.

Wrought iron elements, earthy finishes and patinas, textures that look as if they may be 100 years old: these are the hallmarks of value found in nature and in mountain homes complimenting log, timber and the varied woods that characterize this home style. The longing to connect with nature is paramount. It’s the inspiration behind the wild and timeless desire to “Go west young man…”

Ironhaus is a blacksmith shop turned fireplace company situated in the western mountains of Montana. Their captivating approach is to take the latest technologies and “Green” elements available then marry them with old-world iron craftsmanship. Of particular interest is their “Hidden Pocket Door System” for fireplaces, where heavy wrought iron doors seem to disappear into the rock of the fireplace rather than open outward, like you might expect.  From a practical standpoint, this solves potential space issues, as you can imagine sitting on a hearth and gaining access to the fire without having to get out of the way from screen or glass fireplace doors. They have a multitude of fireplace choices, all with their characteristic signature for innovation and quality, especially as it pertains to fireplace enclosures.