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Mountain Style Architecture

Sometimes it is hard to separate a building structure from the architectural style of a home.  For instance, while a log home can almost always be characterized as a Mountain Style home, a Mountain Style home is not always made of logs.  When you decide that you want to build a 2nd home, vacation property or a retirement house, you may know that you want it to have a mountain style, but if you limit your design expectations to a specific construction technique (like log homes) you may not get the benefit of all that a Mountain Style design can be.

Describing Your Dream Home

Home based on Eagle's Nest design

Hybrid Log and Timber Mountain Style Home

When asked to describe your ideal mountain style home, you may say that you want a “log cabin in the woods” or a “timber frame home”.  However, your idea of a log home may be anything from a small one-room cabin to a multi-story log home lodge.  When describing your dream home as timber frame, the look you envision may depend greatly on which of America’s coasts you live on.

By going beyond the broad structural description of your design and being able to identify the specific aspects of Mountain Style architecture that you like, you will be able to help your architect create a plan that more closely resembles what you want your final home to look like.

Structure vs. Design

When you choose to design and build a Mountain Style home, the design would certainly not provide the same look or feel if it were made using 2×6’s and sheetrock. The incorporation of exposed logs and/or timbers can be both the structural foundation of your home and provide the architectural style.  Knowing that you prefer square log to round, or timber framing to handcrafting is only one aesthetic choice you will make in the design of your Mountain Style home.  Do you like gabled roofs or dormers?  Do you want a large prow window, and if so how do you want to frame it? Do you want to incorporate stone or siding, and if so, what kind of stone or siding do you like? Do you prefer a complex roof structure or a simplistic design?

You don’t have to know all of the jargon (that’s your architect’s job) you just have to be able to give a rudimentary description or show an example.  A good architect will be able to pull all of your design preferences in to a single cohesive design.

Discovering Architectural Elements

Throughout, we try to provide many examples of how we can design your Mountain Style home.  Our floor plan gallery showcases all kinds of log and timber home designs.  From timber frame homes conceived in a Craftsman style to rustic log cabins.  If you limit yourself to only searching plans that are at a certain size or made of a specific product, you may miss a design element that is featured on a plan outside your range.

Limitless Mountain Style Design

When you start the process of creating your plan, remember that your home is first and foremost a Mountain Style design, and that the logs and timbers are the structural elements that add to the character of your home.