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Mountain Style Homes For All Seasons

Exterior of a Log HomeBy definition, a lot of mountain-style homes are built in mountainous regions that tend to be colder most of the year. While these homes have a distinct appeal and look that have made them popular for winter retreats, log and timber homes can be enjoyed all year long. The beauty of designing and building your own home is the ability to create a space that works well in all conditions. Below are a few ways how PrecisionCraft can tailor-fit your home to match your seasonal lifestyle.

Designing a Space for All Seasons


How do you plan to use your home? Are you one that is looking primarily for a winter getaway or someone who wants a summer cabin for hiking and cruising around the lake? Although you may have specific seasonal goals, don’t miss out on an opportunity to create a space that is useful all year-round.  Plan ahead to find creative ways to enjoy your home throughout the year.

Fireplace outdoorsMaybe you want to include a ski-in ski-out area for winter activities; try working with your designer to make that space a storage area for mountain bikes and hiking gear in the warmer months to create a multi-functioning space for all four seasons. A common addition in floor plans, toy garages can be utilized for snowmobiles in the winter seasons as well as a place to store your boat, jet skis or 4-wheeler the rest of the year.

If you are someone who loves the outdoors, incorporating plenty of outdoor space will help to keep you active outside year-round. Consider a screened-in porch for escaping the summer’s heat, or an outdoor fireplace that is great to warm up at after a day of skiing as well as roast some marshmallows on a summer night.

If you have seasonal equipment and toys, consider building additional storage space that allows you to switch your cold-weather gear for warm-weather gear as the seasons change.  As long as you plan ahead, there are all kinds of options for designing an all-season mountain style home.