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PrecisionCraft Beyond the U.S.A

A mountain-style home is a unique style that is loved by people all over the world. So how do we work with clients outside of our borders? Some might find it hard to believe that a company can cater to clients beyond its borders the same way it would for a client right next door. By talking with a few of PrecisionCraft’s teammates who have helped clients in Canada, the Mediterranean and Australia, you can see how the process of satisfying our client’s project needs both near and far works.

When our clients go through that critical design process with us, it is important that we are there for them to ask questions and offer feedback on their home design. Communication through internet, the phone and in-person site visits makes the distance virtually nonexistent.

“The beauty of technology is that even having a client an entire day ahead of you like those I’ve had in Australia, is not a problem. Email is our main outlet for communication, but we also have online meetings and talk on the phone. I just have to make sure when I schedule a meeting with them for Thursday, we know whose Thursday we are talking about.” said Client Representative, Todd Gailey.

Building codes are also different wherever you go, whether that is county to county, state to state, or country to country. Having a team of professionals who are well versed in these codes and know the right questions to ask and where to look, like our project managers, helps ensure a smoother process from design to construction.

“While working on a project in the Mediterranean, there were a lot of differences in construction details and use of materials that came up for the site. By cross referencing them with our processes, we made sure the plans would pass in the build site’s jurisdiction. Having done this before in many locations, our team was able to get the plans through and move towards the next step in the process.” said Project Manager, Derek Best.

After the design process has been completed and the log or timbers for a project have been cut, shipping our product to the job site is the next big step.

“Shipping everywhere is pretty much the same as far as packaging; we try to protect the product as much as possible until it gets to the jobsite—wherever that may be. Shipping outside of the continent can sometimes mean some special requirements like phytosanitary inspections, but this day in age it isn’t that difficult to manage.” said Production Manager, Joe Lyon.

No matter where your build site is, whether it is around the corner from our offices or time zones away, PrecisionCraft’s history of service shows that we can be present throughout your project wherever you are. Through email, video conferencing and in-person visits, we close the gaps between distances and bring you that special mountain-style look and feel no matter where you choose to build.

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