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Photos Inspire Design

What could be more inspiring than a photo of a beautifully lit log home glowing on a hill at twilight? Or a majestic timber frame entryway opening up to reveal the flowing trusswork within? These are the kinds of images that awaken creativity and fuel desire.

Photo Gallery

PrecisionCraft has produced countless log and timber homes over the last 20 years that have inspired many to broaden their minds and get their creative juices flowing for their own wood home. Now we have a new place to showcase our portfolio of completed homes. Our new photo gallery not only displays the best and most diverse images, but its user-friendly navigation offers several options for browsing.   Plus it is easy for you to share these images via your favorite social sites, like Pintrest or flickR.

When we created this new gallery, we wanted to supply you with navigation options that would not only be easy to use, but would allow you to search multiple ways.  For instance, if you prefer log homes, look through our gallery of milled and handcrafted log homes. Within each of our home style galleries you can tour a complete home, but you also have the ability to hone in on something specific, like the different styles of kitchens or great rooms by browsing our specialty room gallery.  All the pictures are large, you don’t have to wait for them to “pop up” and we add new images regularly.


Now, visit our new gallery to start browsing through photos and gathering your inspiration!

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