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Project Manager Perspective – Part 2

In Part 1 installation, we sat down with Phil, one of our Project Managers, to have him tell us what it’s like to be a part of a client’s dream home coming to life. This week, we interviewed another one of our Project Managers, Derek, on what he loves about the job and what it is like to work with clients both near and far.

Derek, Project Manager –

To me, building someone’s home is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Since I can remember, I have built homes for people from all walks of life and everywhere around the country. Working for PrecisionCraft, I not only get to do the thing I love—building, but I get to interact with homeowners, sub-trades and professionals worldwide. It really is amazing to think that one minute I could be on the phone managing a project in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the next I am traveling to some remote place in the middle of the Utah wilderness unheard of by most.  That is what I love most about this job, the locations of these projects. From remote, serene mountainsides to bustling bluffs, I have the rare opportunity to view these locations that our clients have fallen in love with and grow to appreciate them too.

South-Central Colorado

Wet Mountain Valley, Colorado

One of my favorite build-site locations lies in South-Central Colorado. In 2006, I entered the Wet Mountain Valley for the first time. Pulling through Silver Cliff and Westcliffe from highway 96, I came across the client’s land. I sat in awe for a moment as their lot was facing the pristine Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range.  Since that time I have been a part of 5 homes in that particular Valley and find that I have fallen in love the area again upon each return.

While many of our client projects have taken me both near and far, one of my current projects has me working with a couple that is living overseas in France. This particular project has presented an exciting and unique challenge since the couple lives in Europe and they are building in Utah. Skyping with them, meeting by meeting, the PrecisionCraft team has designed and laid out the plans for a successful project. The unique circumstances, challenges and stunning design of their mountain-style home is another example of why my job is so exciting and fulfilling.