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Project Manager Perspective – Part 3

As an installation in our series of Project Manager Interviews, we asked Jeff which of his past client projects stand out to him. Here he shares with us his most memorable project experiences, including the challenges, triumphs, and customer interaction.

Jeff, Project Manager—

Log Home in Oregon

Bluff facing view of this milled log home in Oregon

While there have been many exceptional projects I have worked on in my time here at PrecisionCraft, I would have to say my favorite project so far has been a 4,200 square foot milled log home built in  remote Central Oregon. The project was located on a high bluff above the small town of Paulina, a town so relaxed that the general store and tavern are opened at the discretion of the store owner—a  far, but welcoming cry from some of the more populated locations we’ve built in.

Once we hit the construction phase, the greatest challenge for this project became the exposure to extreme weather conditions that rolled through the area. With the project site unprotected on this high desert bluff, over the course of a year, we constructed the home in high winds, driving rain and snow, and dry, ninety-degree temperatures. The remoteness of the location also presented us with the difficulty of scheduling and logistics for materials to the site as well as subcontractor coordination, but these challenges were overcome with extra planning and anticipation of the subcontractors needs.

While the challenges were great, they were easily offset by Andy and Susie, the unique and interesting couple for whom we were building this home for. This couple came from very different backgrounds; Andy, a business professional who has run a variety of companies in the civil construction industry, and Susie, a ranch-hand who does everything from cooking to hunting to branding. Both of them shared the vision of owning a cattle ranch in Oregon someday. Their jovial outlook, combined with Susie’s go-getter attitude, were a great help to the project as we built them their dream home on a bluff overlooking the ranch land they had so desired.

Aside from working with this great couple, the best part of the project, for me, was bringing their inspiration to a reality. I was open and honest with them throughout the entire process on what needed to be done to make their, usually Susie’s, vision come to life and bring them a home they could take pride in. Creating that relationship of trust and honesty with a client is what makes this whole process so special. It is a great feeling knowing that you helped a family achieve their dreams the best way possible.


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