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PrecisionCraft’s Interior Design Showroom Debut

When you make the decision to build a log home, it isn’t the individual logs that catch your eye; it is an image of the whole house. Our Total Home Solution® offers clients the ability to customize their home design to their unique style and as an extension of this process; we’ve recently added interior design services for clients to be able to reach that same level of customization for their interiors. Today we speak with designers Celeste and Heather as they introduce our new showroom and explain its function.

Display of Kitchen

What was the reasoning behind creating a showroom?

Celeste: We recently started supplying mountain-style finishes as part of our interior design services and needed a place where we could show a variety of samples of products from our premium, nation-wide vendors, ranging from flooring to cabinets to windows.

What does this showroom include?

Heather: The showroom is designed to display the latest trends in building through imitating living spaces in the home. So the space includes a full-scale kitchen display and living room display that is complete with a functional fireplace.

What is the overall goal with this showroom?

Display of Windows and Hardware

Heather: We are basically aiding clients with their decision making process by giving them the opportunity to come in and see not just a variety of loose samples but actual displays. As far as our displays go, we wanted to present as many options as we could in an attractive and functional way—from lighting, flooring and hardware to doors and window styles.
Are these products and vendors tailored to all clients?

Celeste: Our selection of products is quite vast; we offer materials that meet the extreme luxury consumer’s needs as well as the more budget-conscious consumers. We custom design interiors, so by having a broad range of options, we can better meet any of our clients’ unique styles.

To view more images on the development of the PrecisionCraft showroom, as well as the final outcome, visit PrecisionCraft’s facebook page: