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Product Collaboration – Sashco

Much like a bold color painted on a wall, finding the perfect stain for your home can really help to enhance the visual impact of your logs as well as the home’s overall aesthetic appeal. In this second installment of our Product Collaboration series, we spoke with Karen of Sashco to learn a little about their experience working with PrecisionCraft client, Bob Marks— helping him select the perfect stain to complement  his rustic log home in Evergreen, Colorado.

Tell us a little about the project

Karen: From my perspective Bob’s project was amazing.  It was actually the first site I’ve been invited to visit so I was thrilled.  I was met by his PrecisionCraft Project Manager, Derek Best, who introduced me to Bob.  They walked me through the whole, beautiful house which, at the time, was halfway complete.  I was very impressed with how far they had come with the house so far.  Bob welcomed me to look around and look at the beautiful scenery—he has an amazing view of Evergreen Lake!

How did Bob hear about Sashco?

Karen: I believe Derek, recommended Sashco’s products to Bob.  Through the Start Right Program I’ve worked with PrecisionCraft for years.  More recently I’ve come to know the Project Managers, Derek and Jeff and have found we really work well together to provide our customers with the best products and customer care in the industry.

What made Bob choose to use Sashco?

Karen: Bob was very thorough with his research, and in the end, he found Sashco to be the leader in log finishing products in the country. I believe being a Colorado-based company also helped in his decision.

Were there any unique circumstances?

Karen: This experience was unique only because I actually got to watch the guys “in action”.  A very professional and exciting thing to see!

How did Bob feel about his Sashco stain?

Karen: It’s all in the pictures! The home is absolutely breath taking.  I’m pretty sure Bob feels the same way.  One of the things I love about my job is to see the difference once the home has been stained.  In my experience, most homeowners are so happy once they see their dream home built, but once they see it stained they are just in awe.  Sashco’s stains definitely have that WOW factor.


A big thank you goes out to Karen and Sashco for the time and collaboration they put into this week’s blog post as well as Bob’s one-of-a-kind mountain retreat. You can learn more about Sashco and its product lines, here: