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Rebuilding For the Next Generation

Timber Frame Rebuild

Typical of Mountain-style home projects, most of our clients to come to us with a piece of undeveloped property. But for a handful of our clients, they come with property that either has an existing home they want to tear down, or unfortunately the home that was on their property burnt down. For them, the build process becomes a bit different. Having already lived on their property, they will have insight into how their design and layout worked and how it didn’t. Whether they choose to tear down and start again, or are forced to, they have the unique opportunity to use what worked and improve upon certain aspects of their project.

A Change in Materials

At PrecisionCraft, we specialize in building completely custom homes that go beyond the traditional log cabin. With the options of log, timber and hybrid materials, why not build your next wood home a little different than before? For Texas couple, Russ and Susan, when their family log home burned down, this is exactly what they did. Expanding from the plans of their original home, they decided to rebuild using timber frame to capture a brand new look and feel to mark this next phase in their lives.

Timber Frame Rebuild

Update Your Design

Perhaps your log home was built on a property with a pristine view that you could never fully appreciate with your previous floor plan design. Consider creating a more intricate design concept that offers corridors facing the obvious directions that optimize your view. Architectural design is always changing; you can also use this opportunity to update your home’s overall style and design.

Include Modern Elements

Rebuilding gives you that opportunity to give your home the upgrade you’ve been waiting for. Building your home on a larger scale than before will free up more space for visitors and interest rooms like a home theatre or game room. If your log home is meant to be a winter retreat, take all the steps to make yourselves comfortable, whether that includes SIP roofs for energy efficiency or extra storage space for winter toys.