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Selecting Cabinets for your Custom Home

There are many features within a custom home that contribute to its overall look and feel. Whether your style preference is more modern or rustic, your choice of cabinetry can greatly affect the look of your entire home. When you stop to think about all the spaces that include cabinetry (kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, dens, theater rooms) you begin to realize how important they truly are.

Log Home KitchenWhen selecting cabinetry, the most obvious choices include which style or finish you like best. Equally important, however, is how the cabinets will function for your lifestyle. Your cabinetry can incorporate built-in appliances to custom cabinet faces to help conceal or camouflage your appliance to match the remainder of the cabinetry. There are also a wide variety of built-in amenities to consider including with your cabinets. These amenities can include everything from wine storage and pull-out shelving to built in spice rack or cookware and cutlery organization.

Once you have an idea how you need your cabinetry to function, you can concentrate on the way it looks. The style of cabinets can range from modern clean lines to ornate detailing and paneling. When it comes to the materials and finish of your cabinets, the options are almost endless. The materials can include a variety of wood species, reclaimed materials, glass or even stainless steel, while the finishes can include stains, paints, glazes, distressing techniques or a combination of any or all of these. The finish of the cabinetry can go along way in creating the atmosphere you are looking for, from a rustic cabin to the eclectic trend setter.

Custom Cupboards Cabinets

Frameless Cabinets by Custom Cupboards

Remember too that the style of your cabinetry can also be dictated by its construction, which can either be framed or frameless. Framed cabinetry is the more traditional style that reveals the frame of the cabinet face between the doors or drawers. In other words, you can see the frame between and above the doors. Frameless is just the opposite. The frame of the cabinet is concealed because the door or drawer covers the entire frame of the cabinet face. Frameless cabinetry creates more of a seamless modern look.

As you look at the possibilities you may ask if choosing to build a timber or log home has an impact on your choice of cabinetry. You may be surprised to learn that your choices are not at all limited. We have seen timber and log homes with everything from stainless steel cabinets to traditional ornate oak and the occasional rustic reclaimed look. It is all up to you and your personal choices. Log walls can accommodate any style of cabinetry, so keep your options open.