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Shop Talk: What We’re Working On

Milled ManufacturingTowards the end of last year, we showed you where all of the action happens here at PrecisionCraft—our manufacturing facilities. In that introduction Boyd, our Operations Manager, imparted his knowledge on the manufacturing process for timbers and milled logs and how that process differs from the crafting of hand peeled logs. We also gave you an insider look at what we were working on in both of our facilities at the time. This week we will give you an update on all of the new, exciting projects going on in the shop right now!

Milled Log Projects

Inside the shop, our CNC machines are running full time to produce a milled log post and beam skeleton for Gerrit and Kathryn’s customized version of the Cedar Falls design concept. When their logs have been cut to exact specifications, they will be sanded and prepped for installation on the couple’s 105 acre lot in Chromo, Colorado.

Handcrafted Log Projects

The raw, natural beauty of handcrafted logs coupled with the unique process of peeling each one by hand, makes this particular building style a popular one for rustic mountain homes. Such was the case for Ryan, whose custom hybrid handcrafted post and beam skeleton has just been completed in the yard. From here, his logs will be disassembled and sent to his site in Oregon to become a part of the 10,000 square foot home he has been dreaming of for over 20 years.

Handcrafted ManufacturingOnce the yard has been cleared of Ryan’s project, the crafting of Rob and Meladi’s hybrid log wall and post and beam skeleton will begin. Along with the hand peeled logs, the handcrafters will also be prepping 15 magnificent, flared western red cedar posts that will accent both the exterior and interior of the home.

Outdoor Living Projects

In addition to the various log homes that are being manufactured in our facilities, we are also producing two Bungalow outdoor living spaces that will become a part of a Napa Valley client’s vineyard.


For more information on our manufacturing process, read our past blog entitled, “Manufacturing Your Dream Home” or watch our milled log and handcrafted videos.