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SIPs and Mountain-Style Homes

In a past article we addressed the question of whether log homes can be energy efficient in a time where energy codes are becoming more stringent and costs are rising. While we’ve discussed that logs themselves retain many efficient qualities, we are sometimes asked what additional features can be added to the energy efficiency of log and timber homes.

One of the most common additions to timber frame homes is the use of structural insulated panels or SIPs. Comprised of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation sandwiched between two oriented strand boards (OSBs), SIPs can wrap around your entire timber frame home, providing an energy efficient seal.

Another common method for using the energy efficient and structural properties of SIPs is in your home’s roof system. Combining the insulating value of 16-inch handcrafted log walls with SIP panels in the roof is an option worth considering.

If you are interested in SIPs or would like to learn more, please contact your regional representative today.