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The Challenges and Opportunities of Building on a Slope


Mountain Style Wood HomeLiving in the temperate climate of San Diego, Don and his family were looking for a place they could enjoy their favorite winter pastime, skiing. Purchasing a desirable piece of property on a ski resort in South Tahoe, Don knew he would need to find a company that could not only build the mountain style home they envisioned, but one who could also create a design for the family’s steep and challenging site.

Their search ended when they came across PrecisionCraft. Our experience and history of building the particular style of home they wanted caught Don’s attention. Loving the cabin look of the Beartooth floor plan concept, Don worked with PrecisionCraft’s design team, M.T.N Design, to create a home that captured this look while still adapting to their personal style and unique lot.

In order to achieve the amount of square footage Don and his family wanted for their ski home, their designer created two additional floors that would be built into the steep slope of the lot. The extra space allowed Don to include more bedrooms and communal living spaces to accommodate family and friends. A ski-in ski-out space was also included for added convenience.

Mountain Accent Home

Don also took advantage of PrecisionCraft’s interior design services. Working with our in-house interior designer, he will have design assistance with his kitchen and will be aided in selecting products such as flooring, tile, lighting, and stain colors.

Despite the challenging lot, construction of Don’s winter ski retreat has been smooth and remains on schedule. The raising of this home’s timber framing happened just this summer and the home is expected to be weather tight by the end of year and has a projected completion date set for early 2013.


Stay tuned for more photos of Don’s family home progression, coming next spring.

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