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A Southern Suburban Dream Comes True

Daryl Suburb Home

A rendering of Daryl's home on a photo of his property

Recently retired from the automotive industry and looking to get away from Detroit, Daryl found a new place to call home on a riverfront lot in Tennessee. This coveted site overlooks a channel of the Emory River, perfect for Daryl to settle into his retirement years. What was unique to his particular project was that unlike most PrecisionCraft owners who build their homes as a remote mountain retreat, Daryl’s future home would rest in a subdivision. Here is the story of how Daryl was able to modify a mountain-style design to become the talk of the neighborhood.

Almost immediately after he first browsed through the PrecisionCraft website, Daryl was attracted to the Crested Butte floor plan concept. A popular design, the Crested Butte features a rustic mixture of stone, timber, and log walls. While it had been built in a number of remote locations, this was the first time it would be designed to fit into a subdivision. Daryl set to work right away with PrecisionCraft’s design team, M.T.N Design, to design a variation of this plan that would operate within the unique regulations of the neighborhood’s Home Owner’s Association. As a result of their collaboration, the design was altered to include stucco instead of log walls, while still retaining the traditional timber frame within. By doing this, Daryl was able to fit his suburb location without losing the mountain-style look he loved.

View side of Daryl's home

The river-facing side of Daryl's completed home

Having made a career in automobiles, Daryl has a love for cars as well as an interest in Harley Davidson that has left him with a collection of vehicles in need of storage space. His project’s designers recognized this need and worked with the sloped side of the lot to create a 2-level garage that can be accessed from the basement and main floor, leaving plenty of space for his collection.

Wanting to add more space to his floor plan, Daryl had his designers include an additional 1,000 square foot walk-out basement. With this extra space he was able to add specialty spaces like a large central game room, a wet bar, a designated area for crafting, and a shop that accesses the lower level garage.

Despite the challenges of abiding by a neighborhood Home Owner’s Association, Daryl’s mountain-style home in the suburbs was built on schedule and was completed just this year.


If you want to see more pictures of Daryl’s suburban dream home, take a look at our Facebook page.

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