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Kitchen Design Checklist

Today, kitchen space is a primary concern when building a new home; kitchens are more than just a prep area for a meal, they are a gathering place for family and friends for dining and social occasions. With that in mind, there are several components in your kitchen to think about as you and your […]

10 Kitchen Design Considerations

For a lot of people, getting a new kitchen is one of the most exciting parts of building a new log or timber home, and considering how much time we spend in them, it’s not surprising.  Because it’s such an important space, planning the kitchen is worth the time and research it takes to ensure […]

The search is on: Architect Checklist

The dream home dancing in your head is perfect, but you don’t want it to exist only in your mind’s eye forever – if you really want to live it, eventually you have to get it down on paper.  So how will that image in your head become a three-dimensional, honest-to-goodness home? Unless you’re set […]