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Designing For Front Elevation Views

What comes to mind first when you visualize your completed log or timber home? Whether it is a magnificent prow pointing out to capture the view of a distant peak or a rustic design that seems to grow up from the rugged landscape, the property and its views have a heavy influence on what that [...]

Designing Spaces That Work Together

An important part of our in-house design firm, M.T.N Design’s job is to help clients define and create spaces that work together. We sat down with Design Manager, Celeste, to have her share some logistics of design that can help to synchronize a home’s interior spaces naturally and efficiently. Can you share some layout techniques [...]

Modern Design, Rustic Lifestyle

When most people imagine a rustic log home, typically their thoughts conjure images of robust logs stacked upon one another, massive glass prows, and surrounding untamed wilderness. While this may be a vision that many desire, we have noticed a growing trend of clients who wish to infuse modern design with the timeless, mountain lifestyle [...]

Photos Inspire Design

What could be more inspiring than a photo of a beautifully lit log home glowing on a hill at twilight? Or a majestic timber frame entryway opening up to reveal the flowing trusswork within? These are the kinds of images that awaken creativity and fuel desire. PrecisionCraft has produced countless log and timber homes over [...]