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How Do I Know What My Home Will Look Like?

For those of you who have been dreaming about your log home or timber home for years, you probably have a  vision of what it will look like when you close your eyes. How do you know if your architectural designer will share your vision? At some point in the design process, most designers will […]

Exterior Finishes: Your Log Home’s First Impression

One of the attributes that defines a mountain style home is the variety of exterior finishes that are used, and combined, for that high-country look.  The visual interest created by a mix of natural materials – and sometimes a little steel or copper, for a shiny “pop” – gives these homes character, and is often […]

Log Home Exterior Door Selection

The door is an important choice for your home as it can make an architectural statement and set the tone for the rest of your log home.   The Log Homes Council has some great information about the materials that are best in the selection for your exterior doors.  Below we highlight the different materials, but […]