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Progression of a Wood River Ranch

Colorado City, just a stone’s throw away from Pueblo and overlooking the breathtaking Sangre de Cristo Mountains, is a quiet area comprised of rolling plains and panoramic vistas. It is in this southern part of the Front Range that Garry has lived on his 226-acre ranch for years. An Army veteran turned rancher, it has […]

What about Electrical and Plumbing?

Two aspects of design and construction that often generate questions involve electrical and plumbing. Questions like, ‘where do they go?’ are common queries we receive. Many often believe that the installation of these two features becomes complicated with a wood home, but in actuality, the installation isn’t much different from that of a conventional home. […]

Photos Inspire Design

What could be more inspiring than a photo of a beautifully lit log home glowing on a hill at twilight? Or a majestic timber frame entryway opening up to reveal the flowing trusswork within? These are the kinds of images that awaken creativity and fuel desire. PrecisionCraft has produced countless log and timber homes over […]

Milled Versus Handcrafted

When you picture a log home, chances are your image is different from others. After all, there are different kinds of log home building techniques, specifically:  milled or handcrafted. Today we will discuss the different aspects of our milled log homes and our handcrafted homes that can help you determine which style is right for […]

The search is on: Architect Checklist

The dream home dancing in your head is perfect, but you don’t want it to exist only in your mind’s eye forever – if you really want to live it, eventually you have to get it down on paper.  So how will that image in your head become a three-dimensional, honest-to-goodness home? Unless you’re set […]