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A ‘Forever’ Dream Coming True

Living just north of Olympia, Washington, Bonnie and Rick have always envisioned a wood home surrounded by forest and equipped with the space to facilitate their daily routine and hobbies. Upon finding a site on Harstine Island they realized that this property provided the pristine greenery and secluded tranquility they were searching for in a […]

PrecisionCraft’s Interior Design Showroom Debut

When you make the decision to build a log home, it isn’t the individual logs that catch your eye; it is an image of the whole house. Our Total Home Solution® offers clients the ability to customize their home design to their unique style and as an extension of this process; we’ve recently added interior […]

Interior Design vs. Decorating

Dreaming of the log home you’ll build one day naturally conjures images of a freshly excavated basement, bare drywall, floor deck installation…  No?  Of course not.  In your daydreams, the dirty work is done and the end product has been achieved – a finished home that functions perfectly and looks beautiful throughout.  We all do […]