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An Ode to Log Homes

With our Nation’s Independence Day just a week away, now is a time where many Americans reflect on the rich history of this country and the cultural trends that have carried us to where we are today. There are many things in our history that are definably American, on a list that usually starts with […]

PrecisionCraft Beyond the U.S.A

A mountain-style home is a unique style that is loved by people all over the world. So how do we work with clients outside of our borders? Some might find it hard to believe that a company can cater to clients beyond its borders the same way it would for a client right next door. […]

Mountain Style Architecture

Sometimes it is hard to separate a building structure from the architectural style of a home.  For instance, while a log home can almost always be characterized as a Mountain Style home, a Mountain Style home is not always made of logs.  When you decide that you want to build a 2nd home, vacation property […]