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Outdoor Living Ideas

The smell of pine trees, the babel of the brook and the breathtaking view of the valley are all common sensory emotions connected to the locations people dream of building their log and timber homes.  Since this exterior experience is so connected to these style of homes,  outdoor spaces will undoubtedly play an important role […]

Shop Talk: What We’re Working On

Towards the end of last year, we showed you where all of the action happens here at PrecisionCraft—our manufacturing facilities. In that introduction Boyd, our Operations Manager, imparted his knowledge on the manufacturing process for timbers and milled logs and how that process differs from the crafting of hand peeled logs. We also gave you […]

Current Outdoor Living Projects

The warmth of spring has finally begun to shake off the winter’s chill and the time for barbeques and outdoor activity is nearly upon us. In celebration of the warmer weather, a trend in the construction of mountain style homes shows that people today prefer to entertain and relax in the great outdoors. Recognizing this […]

Mountain Style Homes For All Seasons

By definition, a lot of mountain-style homes are built in mountainous regions that tend to be colder most of the year. While these homes have a distinct appeal and look that have made them popular for winter retreats, log and timber homes can be enjoyed all year long. The beauty of designing and building your […]

Be There Now: Building in Stages

Once you’ve purchased property you love, building your log home feels increasingly urgent.  You bought your land because you want to be there, enjoying the quiet, the fishing or the wide open spaces rather than just looking forward to them.  Often, however, there are legitimate reasons to wait to build your dream home on that […]