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Progression of a Wood River Ranch

Colorado City, just a stone’s throw away from Pueblo and overlooking the breathtaking Sangre de Cristo Mountains, is a quiet area comprised of rolling plains and panoramic vistas. It is in this southern part of the Front Range that Garry has lived on his 226-acre ranch for years. An Army veteran turned rancher, it has […]

Modern Design, Rustic Lifestyle

When most people imagine a rustic log home, typically their thoughts conjure images of robust logs stacked upon one another, massive glass prows, and surrounding untamed wilderness. While this may be a vision that many desire, we have noticed a growing trend of clients who wish to infuse modern design with the timeless, mountain lifestyle […]

A Homeowner’s Account Of Building In The Alaskan Winter

At PrecisionCraft, our client’s needs and expectations are something we value and strive to meet with every project. We keep in contact through the process, getting feedback on our performance is such an important phase in these individual’s lives. Erik and Lisa are a couple building their dream home in the midst of an Alaskan […]