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Large-Scale Hybrid Home in Wisconsin

Mike remembers all throughout his childhood, family vacations along the chains of tranquil lakes and the plentiful wildlife of the national forests bordering the Northwoods in Wisconsin. It was these memories that spurred him and his wife, Gayle, to search for a piece of property in Eagle River. The property they chose sits on 4-acres […]

Progression of a Michigan Lakeside Cabin

As a Michigan native with a lifelong career in the automotive industry, Steve and his family’s roots were firmly planted in the state. Loving the recreational opportunities Michigan offered, for years they retained a small cottage and land near Dead River Basin on the Upper Peninsula. After several years, Steve decided it was time to […]

Incorporating Natural Lighting

When you envision the interior of your log or timber home, how does the light flow through?  An important aspect of your home’s design is the lighting, both natural and artificial.  The source for natural lighting can vary from conventional-sized windows to dormers and skylights. Here are some lighting sources your architect can utilize to […]

American Style, Foreign Soil

It stands to reason that when considering building in the mountains, you’re also looking for a mountain-style home.  But what if your mountain of choice is outside U.S. borders?  Building a log home internationally can be done, but it makes your choice of a log home company even more important. When shopping for a log […]

Interior Design vs. Decorating

Dreaming of the log home you’ll build one day naturally conjures images of a freshly excavated basement, bare drywall, floor deck installation…  No?  Of course not.  In your daydreams, the dirty work is done and the end product has been achieved – a finished home that functions perfectly and looks beautiful throughout.  We all do […]

Mountain Fireplaces

Today’s article is written by guest blogger, Ironhaus. The fireplace has long been a central fixture of comfort and warmth of the home: the central place that families often gather around. In earlier years the fireplace was predominately a heat source. Nowadays, fireplaces come in a multitude of styles and purposes, ranging from supplemental heaters […]