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Purchasing Land

What considerations should you make when deciding where to buy your land? The Log Homes Council has a list of tips to help you find a deal on the property that’s right for you.  We’ve excerpted a few of them here, but be sure to see them all at Start Shopping Online Begin your [...]

10 Kitchen Design Considerations

For a lot of people, getting a new kitchen is one of the most exciting parts of building a new log or timber home, and considering how much time we spend in them, it’s not surprising.  Because it’s such an important space, planning the kitchen is worth the time and research it takes to ensure [...]

Featured Tips

We know that sometimes you get your greatest inspiration with a simple quick tip.  Every week on Twitter we make sure to send out one log home or timber home design tip or idea, just to get your juices flowing.    If you are not following us on Twitter or missed one of our messages, here [...]

Lighting Strategy from the Log Homes Council

How to create a lighting strategy for your log home is an important topic and the Log Homes Council has recently published a great article on the subject. We have provided some highlights below, but you can read the entire article by visiting the The Log Homes Council website at Point One: The most [...]