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Featured Tips

We know that sometimes you get your greatest inspiration with a simple quick tip.  Every week on Twitter we make sure to send out one log home or timber home design tip or idea, just to get your juices flowing.    If you are not following us on Twitter or missed one of our messages, here […]

Log Finishes That Enhance Your Design

When you close your eyes, how do you envision your finished log home looking? Many log home producers tout their wood specie the variation of log profiles, but in general, these choices have little to do with the final look and feel of your home. The size, texture, stain color and wood treatment will have the largest impact on anyone who sees your log home for the first time. Let’s review how each of these elements can enhance the design of your log home.

Selecting the Species of Wood for Your Log Home

Customers often ask me “which is the best species” for a log home. There are many good species and most are appropriate for use in log homes and timber homes. Selection of the species often comes down to which one you like to look at most. However, in my humble opinion based on more than […]