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Taking Advantage of Your Property

For many log and timber homeowners, the connection they have with their perfect piece of property is just as important as the home itself.  If you have a unique property; make sure to get the most out of your cherished space. With large properties, you have the opportunity to think beyond the house itself. Here are a few examples of additional structures that fully take advantage of your property.

Carriage Homes

Carriage House

Carriage Homes

Stemming from the outbuildings that housed horses and carriages, these structures follow the same idea, utilizing a room above the garage for added space. Regardless if your garage is attached to your main home or detached, a carriage house provides you the ability to spread your living spaces over a larger plane of your property.


Whether you want to house horses, toys or just need some extra storage space, a barn is a great structure to incorporate into your land. If you have multiple acreage, your barn could be built away from your home in a more secluded area. By doing this you expand the reach of your living space as well as gain ample opportunities to take advantage of lakes, trails or woods located further away from your main property.


Use a gatehouse as a welcoming structure for guests and family or choose to build your log home further back in the solitude of your land.  Gate homes can be used as another living space for guests or activities away from the main home, such as a hunting cabin.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Structure

Outdoor Living Structures

Go beyond the typical pergola or patio by building a covered, open-aired structure near your home or in a more remote location on your property. These outdoor living structures allow you to be fully in-tune with the nature around you while still remaining comfortable. Include an outdoor fireplace for family cook-outs, add a pool, or special landscaping to fully appreciate the fruits of your labor.

No matter what you decide to incorporate into the land you love so much, making sure not to limit your living spaces to your log home will greatly increase your ability to enjoy your property as a whole.