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The Wood River across North America

Floor Plan: Wood River

Wood River Floor Plan

PrecisionCraft has a history of designing many award-winning log and timber home concepts that feature the best in quality architecture and amazing, unique designs. From Alaska to Virginia to Canada, these designs have inspired clients building their dream home. The Wood River is one such plan that has caught the eyes and hearts of many homebuilders since its introduction. It has inspired them to build their own versions which fit their personal style and land while still retaining the original Wood River essence that they fell in love with.

The Wood River is a classic blend of Craftsman design and Mountain-style architecture. Its robust timber features and naturally flowing layout are elements of the design that have inspired so many. Here are a few recent projects where clients have built their very own versions of the design.


Built in Alberta, Canada, this Wood River home holds similar characteristics of the original design on the outside, but has the complete personality of the homeowners within the interior. A mirrored floor plan; the home’s main level features a large office instead of a third bedroom and an expanded walk-in pantry in the kitchen. Covered porches wrap around the bulk of the home’s exterior, with a private porch leading out from the master suite. An unfinished basement has also been included to the design that will double the square footage of the home when it is complete.

Wood River Vermont

Custom Wood River in Vermont

Surrounded by an abundance of National Forests and Parks, this Wood River home in Vermont is a testament to design customization according to personal style. This timber frame home interior showcases a differently developed floor plan from that seen in the original Wood River. The master suite features a large sitting room for private moments during the day, while a media room has been added for entertaining groups both large and small. The interior of the home may have been greatly altered to fit the family’s personal style, but the exterior still captures the classic timber essence of the Wood River Craftsman-style design.


Located in the rolling meadows of South-Central Colorado, this version of the Wood River was customized to incorporate spaces that would enhance the family’s desire for outdoor living. Porches flank the rear side of the home while a large mudroom inclusion buffers the garage from the rest of the home to avoid tracking the outdoors in. Plans for a future basement have also been laid to increase the overall size of the home as well as give an opportunity for additional specialty rooms.