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Deciphering and Understanding Log Home Plans

We sometimes forget that everyone doesn’t spend every day dealing with and looking at architectural designs for log and timber homes.  For most of you, the first time you ever saw a floor plan was when you first decided that building a custom home was an idea you might like to pursue.  Even if you had seen plans before, it is unlikely that you looked at designs which included log walls or timber posts.  So we understand that it can be frustrating to look through floor plan ideas and try to imagine what the finished home will look like or what it will look like when you customize the plan.

Timber Frame House Plan

Timber Frame Plan Example

It is for this exact reason that we provide as much visual information about our floor plan concepts as we can.
For each concept we show:

-A professionally rendered view of one of the elevations, plus a black and white drawing of the three other views.

- Floor plan layouts with just enough detail to help you understand where the log and timber are incorporated, but not too much to overwhelm.

- A drawing of the conceptual structure, not because it is a set kit, but to help you better see how the structure interacts with the overall design (as seen left).

Many of our plans also include photos of finished homes that are based on the original concept.  Even if the home is not exactly like the original, you are able to see how certain aspects of the design were realized in the real house.

In addition to photos, we also try to showcase past client variations of the designs.  You can compare the original plan with the modified versions and see exactly how the layout was changed.  This is the best way to understand what we mean by customization.

Our hope is not that you gain enough knowledge to draw your own log home plan, but that you understand the plans you are looking at and  have a better idea of how we can customize a plan for you.  Have fun browsing the floor plan gallery!

log walls in a floor plan

Log Home Plan Example

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